We are located just off of Route 17 North, behind the Lexus Dealer in Ramsey NJ. Our entrance is from Williams Drive.

From Route 17 heading North
Exit onto Williams Drive. This exit is after the Lake Street Exit and before the Franklin Turnpike Exit. It is marked by a small brown sign. It is just after the Smashburger and just before the Lexus Dealer. It is the same street you would travel on if you were entering the Lexus Dealer.

From Route 17 heading South
Take the Lake Street U-Turn (exit is called "Upper Saddle River")  and follow the directions above.

Call Box
Since Bear's Cove is a gated community, there is a Call Box just before the  gate on the left side on the entrance way. You will need to contact the person you are visiting using the keypad on the Call Box.  You must look up their name on the display. This will ring their home phone and they will be able to remotely open the gate.

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